Adalya Love 66 shisha tobacco flavor

Adalya Love 66 - The Ultimate Guide On Most Popular Hookah Flavor

Adalya Love 66 hookah tobacco is considered one of the top products in the line from the famous Turkish manufacturer. Many hookah lovers call it one of their favorite flavors - and even their most favorite. So why does Adalya Love 66 tobacco make such an impression?

Adalya Love 66 what a taste?

Adalya Love 66 what a taste?

This smoking shisha blend is offered to customers in packs weighing 50 grams, 250 grams and 1kg. Its characteristic features are:

  • Color - burgundy - rich
  • Cutting - fine, foreign objects like twigs are either absent or very few
  • Soaking - medium or even below average, not much syrup as a rule
  • Smokiness - average or slightly above average
  • Strength - low

If you smell the tobacco, you can feel the characteristic smell of the popular chewing gum, from which the product got its name. It can be smoked at any bowl.

Adalya Love 66 shisha tobacco has a bright, rich flavor. This is an interesting combination of exotic passion fruit and more familiar to us watermelon, juicy and sweet. And against this background it is easy to feel the light floral notes, which are joined by barely noticeable but discernable mint inclusions. It is the original combination of juiciness and sweetness with menthol freshness that makes this smoking blend so popular. Adalia Love 66 has a really unusual taste, and the competition just doesn't have anything like it.

What you can mix Adalya Love 66 shisha tobacco with?

What you can mix Adalya Love 66 shisha tobacco with?

This smoking shisha blend is great for creating interesting mixes. Here are a few examples.

  • Add to it cranberries from any manufacturer in a 1:3 ratio. This is a bold combination, more sour and refreshing, but with a nice sweet note.
  • Add an orange and tangerine to this product - any, the manufacturer in this case does not matter. Take everything in equal parts for the mix - one, the other, and the third. This version will be sweeter, in the spirit of tropical cocktails.
  • Add Lemon Pie, a lemon tart from the same manufacturer, in a 50% to 50% ratio. The mix will have an unusual taste of sweet and fresh baked goods.

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