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Best Adalya Hookah Flavors

Popular hookah tobacco Adalya is produced in Turkey. It is not uncommon to hear about the German origin of this brand. But this opinion is due to the fact that there are many Turkish migrants in Germany who love Adalya shisha tobacco. The production of products under this brand began closer to the end of the 2000s, and in just a few years the smoking mixes of this manufacturer have become widely known in Europe and US.

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Where Adalya shisha tobacco is made?

The manufacturing company has several factories. All of them are located in Turkey. In US, the products of this company appeared in 2019 and quickly gained many fans.

The main features of Adalya shisha tobacco

The composition of smoking mixtures, which are produced under this brand can be called a classic:

  • Virginia Gold leaf
  • flavoring
  • molasses
  • glycerin

Adalya shisha tobacco is characterized by a fine cut. Thanks to its medium penetration, it does not need to be squeezed before it is puffed into the bowl. The strength is not very high, so the smoking blends of this brand will also suit those who are new to hookah smoking. The smokiness is medium or slightly above average, the heat resistance is also good.

The flavors of Adalya shisha tobacco are extremely diverse. The company-manufacturer on the official website talks about more than 200 kinds of products, but not all of them are supplied to US. Flavors are bright, pleasant, without a chemical aftertaste - this is provided by the flavors that meet the requirements that are established in the US.

Adalya hookah tobacco: packaging and price

In US, 50-gram packs are particularly popular: cardboard packaging plus a sealed plastic bag. Also 250-gram packs on sale. The company also offers smoking blends in buckets weighing 1 kg.

In terms of cost, the products of this Turkish company belong to the medium price segment.

How to pack the bowl with Adalya shisha tobacco?

No additional grinding or squeezing is required. All you have to do is pulverize the mixture and put it in the bowl. Even a beginner can do this. If the mixture suddenly starts to burn, just remove the coals and wait a little - the flavor of Adalya shisha tobacco will quickly recover.

The aroma stays for 40-60 minutes. There is a widespread opinion that these Turkish smoking blends are better to use in mixes to ensure a longer lasting flavor. But it already depends on your preferences: try, experiment and make your own opinion.

How to pack the bowl with Adalya shisha tobacco?

Popular Adalya shisha tobacco flavors

The company offers both mono flavors and ready-to-use mixes. With dozens of blends on sale, it's easy to find the flavor of Adalya shisha tobacco that appeals to you. In addition to that most of the flavors from this brand are in harmony with the products of other brands.

Top flavors of Adalya shisha tobacco:

  • Love 66 is an original ready mix inspired by the atmosphere of the sixties: sweet ripe passion fruit, refreshing mint and floral notes remind of freedom, drive and rock'n'roll;
  • Lemon Pie - realistic lemon pie, where the sweetness of the pastry is effectively combined with a light, subtle and very pleasant acidity;
  • Swiss Bon Bon - sweet Swiss lollipops with a little bit of menthol added to them.

Interesting mixes based on Adalya shisha tobacco:

Fans of sweet fruit and berry combinations will love such mixes as:

  • Pineapple – 40%, Banana – 30%, Mango Tango – 30%
  • Pineapple – 40%, Raspberries – 30%, Strawberry – 30%

For those who prefer something a little more sour, the following combinations will make the best impression:

  • Crazy Lemon – 70%, Guava – 20%, Wind of Amazon – 10%
  • Ice Apple – 40%, Ice Lime on the Rocks – 60%

For connoisseurs of sour-sweet flavors, we can recommend these mixes:

  • Pomegranate – 50%, Kiwi – 30%, Berries – 20%
  • Love 66 – 50%, Lemon – 40%, Ice – 10%

Interesting mixes that combine sweetness with a refreshing effect are:

At you can buy Adalya shisha tobacco at an attractive price. We offer a choice of dozens of blends with different flavors. Experienced managers are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the flavors of Adalya that you will love.

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Interesting mixes based on Adalya shisha tobacco:


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