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Best Hookah - All You Need To Know Before You Buy A Hookah Pipe

Myths about the quality of hookahs that you should give up

Hookah culture is still forming and is now in its most active phase. Even 7-10 years ago a quality hookah looked completely different, and today such a model does not even appear in modern stores. But against the background of limited choice and misunderstanding of many things in the hookah industry, myths were formed that are still alive. However, they are the ones that get in the way of choosing a normal hookah. Let's dispel them so that they do not create the illusion of choosing the right hookah.

  1. Small hookahs are of poor quality. This is a lie. Modern models are made of quality materials with excellent cooling properties. Such hookahs perfectly purify the smoke, the manufacturers take care that the taste is transmitted as accurately as possible. The modern small hookah, on the contrary, has many advantages. It is easy to take on a picnic or a trip, it is cheaper than standard models, compact, quickly assembled and disassembled, does not require careful maintenance. So there is no need to be afraid of small hookahs.
  2. Collapsible shafts are a disadvantage. Indeed it used to be so. Shafts were made of aluminum, the threads were washed, the tightness was lost. But today the materials are better, stronger, more reliable. Therefore, collapsible shaft - is a guarantee of convenience, hygiene and the ability to change parts.
  3. A threaded connection is better than a sealant. When threading came along, it really caused a furor. A lot of people gave up on the gasket. But it's just as good. The only drawback is that you shouldn't grab the shaft while carrying the hookah. The gasket gives a guaranteed seal, cheap to replace, unlike the thread, simple and straightforward.
  4. The hose should not be washed with water. Definitely. If you have a classic hose that went out of style a long time ago. Modern silicone hoses can and should be washed, and after every smoke. It is necessary to choose a hookah only with a silicone hose.
  5. A hookah with two hoses is worse than a hookah with one. This is not true if you smoke hookah correctly. The second hose is invented for convenience and hygiene when smoking two. The main rule is not to pull at the same time, and then you will get great pleasure from two pipes and understand how convenient it is.
  6. The hookah bowl should not be ceramic. Ceramic used to be bad, but today a ceramic shisha bowl means a glazed clay bowl. It is porous, heats perfectly and evenly, and conveys shisha flavor perfectly. The glaze gives a stylish appearance to the bowl, prolongs its life, and does not let the syrup soak in. A ceramic hookah bowl is not a problem.
  7. The hookah base should only be clear glass. Choose any base you like in shape and color. Painted hookah bases make windows to control the liquid. Rare models do not have them, but even in this case it is easy to see how much water is in the base.

 These are the main myths that should be discarded. When choosing a hookah, you should not rely on outdated information. It is the lack of understanding of hookah culture and the peculiarities of hookah smoking that gave rise to such myths. They are followed by many people. But discard them and teach your surroundings that things change. What worked yesterday is irrelevant today. We will tell you the difference between a quality hookah and a low-quality one.

What is the difference between a quality hookah and a low-quality one?

What is the difference between a good hookah and a bad one

It is not difficult to distinguish a good hookah from a bad model. It is enough to pay attention to a few nuances, details, features. Studying hookah subjects, you can quickly understand all the subtleties. We have selected the basic criteria by which you can distinguish a quality hookah from a low-quality one. Study them, and you can easily pick up a model, even if you buy it in an online store. After all, you do not have the opportunity to personally examine the hookah. But you have an opportunity to look at the pictures, to study the characteristics and the description of the hookah.

Hookah shaft material is a key quality parameter

The shaft is the basis of the hookah. What it is made of speaks to the quality of the device. Even if the hookah is very small, not very beautiful, but has stainless steel in the base of the shaft, it will be better than a tall classic hookah made of aluminum. The metal should be easy to interact with water, not oxidize, not rust, not impregnated with odor. Stainless steel is considered the best. In the second place is anodized aluminum. Such waterpipes are cheaper, but the metal itself can oxidize, so it is necessary to dismantle it immediately after use, so that the shaft does not stand in water. The third place is occupied by glass. An excellent material, but very fragile, and it is expensive to replace it. Bad hookahs are made of an alloy of metals, especially if it is not specified which metal is used. Expensive classic models are made of brass or copper, but that's not the best metal either. The Statue of Liberty was once copper-colored and then oxidized. The shaft of the hookah will oxidize faster.

Availability of hookah accessories is necessary for convenience

Accessories complement the hookah. But they are of great importance. For example, the molasses catcher is needed to trap particles of shisha tobacco and syrup. Because of this, it does not get into the shaft and base, does not spoil the taste and does not make the smoke bitter. The diffuser disperses air bubbles, making the smoke cleaner and the smoking process quieter. Backlighting in the hookah base helps set the mood and improves visual perception. All of these accessories are optional. But the very fact of their presence indicates that the developers have taken care of every detail and made their model useful. Therefore, when choosing a hookah, pay attention to the availability of accessories or at least the possibility of their installation. By the way, pay attention to the hookah tray. On a good hookah, it must match the size of the device, the style. Ideally, if the tray is made of the same material as the hookah itself.

Equipment matters

A good hookah differs from a bad one in its equipment. The main thing that should be in a good hookah model is the shaft, the bowl, the hose, the mouthpiece. Even the hookah base is not necessary. Nowadays producers develop separate parts of hookah, so you can assemble your ideal device yourself. But the above-described set should be in the same style, match the brand. Also pay attention to the possibility of adding accessories. If it is there - fine, this plays only to the plus. Low-quality hookahs have a disjointed style of shaft and hookah tray. It feels like they were assembled separately from the parts. The kit often comes with a standard hookah bowl of clay. It is worth paying attention to it. In most cases, bowls are always bought additionally. But what kind of bowl the manufacturer put in the kit, indicates his concern for the customer.

What is the difference between a quality hookah and a low-quality one?

Appearance shows the quality

Of course, it is not worth turning a blind eye to the appearance of the hookah. But it is not about the design. Although it does not play the last role. If you choose a hookah in a regular store, look at the shaft at different angles. It must be flat. Look inside the shaft, there should not be any indentations, dents and other damage. It is also worth evaluating the thickness of the metal, at least visually. Is it the same everywhere? On detailed inspection it catches the eye. If you buy the product in an online store, look at the photos, if they are of proper quality. In our online store we try to use only high quality pictures of hookahs and show the model from all angles, so you can fully appreciate the look of the hookah. Pay attention to the way the hookah tray fits, there are no gaps. Whether the hookah bowl sits tightly, how well the connector for the hose is inserted. It is also worth paying attention to the paint coating. Won't it come off from the slightest touch of pliers, won't the paint fly off from the water. Examine the appearance of the hookah, paying attention to these details.

What is the difference between a quality hookah and a low-quality one?

What does the traction tell you?

A good hookah differs from a bad one in the draught. It should be light, pleasant and comfortable. But you cannot smoke a hookah that you haven't bought yet. But the quality of the draw can be assessed visually. And if you have the opportunity to look at the hookah in person, even better. Look at the inside diameter. It should be not less than 11 mm, ideally 13 mm or more. If you have a diffuser - great, because the draw will be even easier. If you don't have a diffuser, see if there are threads for it. As a last resort, you can use silicone diffusers. Pay attention to how tightly all the parts contact each other. Traction is formed only in an airtight hookah. Visually it is easy to assess the "weak" places. If it is possible to assemble the waterpipe, great. Do it. Cover the tobacco bowl tightly with your hand, and draw in air from the connector, or using a hose. Your hand should "suck" into the bowl. This indicates a good seal.



By these criteria you can assess whether a hookah is good or bad. We are not afraid to talk about such topics, because we ourselves strictly follow these rules. In our online store all hookahs are tested. We cooperate only with proven brands, which we trust ourselves. Our task is to give customers a good hookah, which will serve for years and enjoy a thick, rich smoke.  


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