How to serve hookah properly?

How to serve hookah properly?

3 Important Components in Serving Hookah

In order to serve your guests beautifully, you need to consider three important components. They form the overall impression of the atmosphere and pastime. And it does not matter whether the guests are at home or in the institution, these 3 components must be respected.

  • Shisha flavor. Of course, it plays an important, if not the key role. Hookah should be pleasant, full-bodied, the shisha tobaccos should be mixed correctly if the mix is prepared. But in a company for sure there are people who do not like the taste. It happens, you can not please everyone. However, there are classic flavors that will appeal to everyone. Watermelon, melon, orange, grape, peach. In that case, you should opt for the more classic shisha flavors.
  • Appearance of the device and serving. The hookah should be well-groomed and stylish. It does not have to be large or expensive. You can find budget quality models for home use in our online store The main thing is to make sure all the parts are clean, well-groomed, and not damaged. Pay special attention to the hookah bowl. If it is made of clay, it must be replaced every 2-3 months, if made of silicone, then every 6-7 months.
  • Environment. Hookah should be served in a relaxed atmosphere. It can be accompanied by juices, tea or other drinks, but no alcohol. This is a bad tone. Unobtrusive music, board games, dim lighting - all this creates an environment favorable to the sensation of hookah smoke.

These three components will help to create the necessary atmosphere for enjoying a thick smoke. After all, it is important to get bright emotions, to remember the day and have a good time with friends.

How to serve hookah properly?

How to serve hookah properly to guests: practical tips

To make the evening glorious, and your guests' emotions were the brightest, use the recommendations that will help you to serve hookah correctly. This does not mean that you have to strictly follow all the tips. But some of them will help to create a special atmosphere and set the tone for the evening:

  • Ask your guests if they would like a hookah. In most cases, if you set up for such an evening, the answer will be yes. But there is a chance that many guests will not want to smoke, so don't insist.
  • Once you start making hookahs, you don't want to drop all your guests. If there is someone who can help, great. Have him or her spend time with the guests, chatting or entertaining them in some way. Even at this point, you can tune in to the smoking process. Hookahs are often socialized underneath, you can prepare topics of conversation. If you are going to play board games, it's time to tell the rules and prepare everything for the game. If you are going to play the guitar and sing songs, you can tune the instrument and prepare an assortment of songs.
  • Set the coals, get the hookah ready to use and score the shisha tobacco. You should not be distracted at this time. If someone obsessively wants to "help" you, don't refuse help. Secondary tasks can be given, such as cutting fruit or getting water into a hookah base. If someone asks about the preparation process, don't refuse either and tell them how things are going and why.
  • It is not uncommon to have people in the company who will drink alcohol. You should not forbid to do this, because alcohol combines badly with hookah. But you should warn about the consequences. Headache, nausea, discomfort are all consequences of such symbiosis.
  • If there are in the company of girls with painted lips, ask them to wash off the lipstick. Better yet, always have a set of disposable mouthpieces. In our online store you can buy a whole pack.
  • After loading a hookah, put coals on it. You do not have to bring the waterpipe to the guests, wait for 3-5 minutes until it has warmed up. Otherwise you'll have to be nervous that some enthusiast will want to be the first to smoke and he knows everything properly. So just warm up the shisha tobacco beforehand. You can even smoke it right in the kitchen, and only then serve the guests.
  • Always serve drinks to the hookah. This can be water, tea, juices. Soda is not the best solution, but still acceptable. You can also serve fruit, light snacks, canapés to the hookah. It is important that your hands remain clean.
  • Be sure, if you serve food to the hookah, give dry and wet napkins. You can take some kitchen towels, soak them in warm water, and put them on the table, too. So guests can wipe their hands after eating.
  • Hookah is placed on the floor or on a low table. The mouthpiece is placed on a plate, pad or inserted into a special stand on the hookah itself.
  • If there is a light, it is time to use it. Turn on unobtrusive background music, not loudly, so that the guests can chat.
  • Don't tell your guests how to smoke the hookah properly. But if there are a lot of people, it's worth asking for etiquette. Namely: to use disposable mouthpieces, to pass the pipe after 3-4 draws, not to get into the coals or  shisha tobacco. This should be done by one person - the owner of the hookah.



Nice music, snacks and drinks, a well-made, well-groomed hookah are the main principles of creating an incredibly pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Follow them, and your guests will be most satisfied. They will tend to come to you for a hookah, because you will have the best one for them. Use these recommendations. In our online hookah store you can buy everything you need to organize a hookah party at home.


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