How to take care of a clay hookah bowl to make it last for a long time?

How to take care of a clay hookah bowl to make it last for a long time?

Care begins immediately after purchase

Once you have bought a clay hookah bowl, you should start taking care of it before using it for the first time. It is not difficult to do this. It is enough to follow a number of simple rules.

  • Rinse the bowl with cool water to remove dust and other physical contaminants. After that, you should put it in warm water for 15-20 minutes. It should not be boiling water. The cup should soak in such water to allow the pores to soak and the clay to take its working shape.


  • When the cup will lie for the allotted time, you should take it out of the water, wipe it and let it dry completely. Here you should not be in a hurry. Wipe it with a dry towel and let it dry for 20-40 minutes.


  • Next, you need to heat it. You can put it in the oven, or just make one hookah with a minimum amount of tobacco and put coals on the bowl. You should do this procedure if you are using a bowl without glaze. Why should it be glazed at all? To "fill" the pores with heat. During the first smoking you will feel the smell of clay, this is normal. That is why it is recommended not to waste a lot of tobacco, but to make a bowl "test" to heat well.


  • Rinse it after the first use, let it dry and you can prepare a normal hookah on it. Of course, you can skip the burning procedure, but in that case be prepared for a strange aftertaste at first. It won't last long, but it will happen nevertheless.

How to take care of a clay hookah bowl to make it last for a long time?

Hygiene rules for the clay hookah bowl

There is a simple rule that is recommended to follow. After smoking, let the hookah bowl cool down 70-80%; it should still be barely warm. After that, rinse it with water and let it dry well. Rinse with water before using, too, and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. This method will protect the clay hookah bowl and will significantly increase its shelf life.

If the bowl needs a general cleaning, use the following recommendations:

  • Place it in hot water, but not boiling water, and allow the clay bowl to soak well, usually enough to remove the odor and to get the syrup out of the pores.


  • Place the bowl in the oven and fire it, there will be a lot of smoke, but all the syrup will come out of it.


  • Use water with baking soda added.

Clean with brushes, do not use coarse abrasives, the pores of the bowl will be damaged and contamination will be even greater. In addition, the tobacco will begin to stick to the walls. Even better, use bowls with a glaze, it protects against heavy dirt.

Tips to help extend the life of a clay hookah bowl

If you want your clay hookah bowl to last a long time, make it a rule to stick to the following recommendations:

  • Be sure to use a dry tobacco cup. If you need to rinse it before using it (which is recommended), allow time for it to dry, at least 10-15 minutes.


  • After smoking, eliminate the shisha tobacco immediately. The main cause of pore contamination is the cooling of the syrup inside the bowl. The pores shrink, the syrup stays in them and is poorly flushed out. Therefore, as soon as you have finished smoking hookah, remove the coals, let the bowl cool for 10 minutes and remove the tobacco with a napkin.


  • Have a general cleaning of the bowl every 2 to 3 hookah smokes. Do not use harsh materials so as not to damage the pores.



  • Give preference to bowls with a glaze application. They last much longer.


  • Get several models of clay hookah bowls. One can be used for strong tobacco, another for tobacco with a lot of syrup, and a third for standard packing. In addition, bowls can be divided into flavors. For example, to packing fresh or sweet hookahs. This way they will last much longer together.

How to take care of a clay hookah bowl to make it last for a long time?

These recommendations will help extend the life of the clay hookah bowl. But, given its cost, you can afford to buy new hookah bowls. You should not use one model for too long. Okay, let it serve not 2 months, but 6-7, but it is still recommended to change it. The main sign: when while smoking, syrup comes out of the bowl and it "myrtle", this clearly indicates that it is worth to replace it.

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