Is it possible to smoke a hookah twice without changing the water in the base?

Is it possible to smoke a hookah twice without changing the water in the base?

The role of water in the hookah base

The water in the hookah base is a kind of filter and an additional cooler. Its main task is to break the smoke bubbles and reduce the level of carcinogens. We can argue for a long time whether hookah is harmful or not, but there is one statement for sure: the smoke has an aggressive effect on the body. Water reduces the level of aggression and reveals the taste of shisha tobacco.

In addition, water "takes away" excess nicotine, reduces the amount of phenol in the smoke, eliminates polycyclic hydrocarbon molecules and eliminates the presence of particulate matter. Simply put, it is part of the chemical and physical process of hookah smoke formation.

Its role is almost impossible to overestimate. Water in a hookah is the main component without which smoke formation simply won't happen. You can put a bowl of  shisha tobacco, light the coals, assemble the hookah, forming an airtight draw. But if there is no water, it simply will not draw.

Indeed, one of the important purposes of water in the hookah base is to clean the smoke. But the main purpose is its formation. It works in the following way: when air is drawn in through the hose in the base, which is above the water level, a vacuum is created. As a result, a draft is formed, which captures the red-hot charcoal, passes through the shisha and the hot air gets flavored. Smoke is formed. Then it passes through the shaft, already receiving a certain level of cooling, after which it comes into contact with water. At this stage, additional cooling and filtration occurs.

The smoke rises into the free space in the hookah base and enters the hose. As a result, you enjoy aromatic, purified, cool smoke.

Is it possible to smoke a hookah twice without changing the water in the base?

Why the water must be cold?

We already gave part of the answer. The smoke gets into the water and cools down. That's all. But in fact, there is another important reason. In addition to improved cleaning and cooling, cold water acts as a flavor enhancer. Have you ever noticed that they write on carbonated drinks that you should drink them chilled? Have you ever tried a lukewarm Coke? It doesn't taste good. The same thing happens when you smoke a hookah.

If the water in the hookah base is cold, the smoke is well filtered as it enters, and the flavor is revealed even more. As a result, a light draw ensures a better flow of thick smoke, and the taste is fully disclosed. Try pouring if not hot water, at least lukewarm water or room temperature water into the hookah. You will be surprised how much the taste of the usual smoke will seem strange. Therefore, the water in the hookah base of the hookah must be cold.

Is it possible to smoke a hookah twice without changing the water in the base?

Why change the water in the hookah?

And why change the filters in a car? For the reason that they simply stop cleaning at some point. To get the answer to this question, after smoking a hookah, simply unwind the shaft and smell the water in the hookah base. It will have an aftertaste of shisha tobacco.

It is the filter that is sure to be clean. Let's take a point by point look at a few reasons why the water in your hookah needs to be changed:

  1. It collects chemical trace elements in its composition, and they don't go anywhere. Consequently, the next hookah made with this water will no longer filter the smoke as well.
  2. Water impregnates the flavors of shisha tobacco, and by clogging another flavor, it will be spoiled, for the reason that from the water will go additional "flavor".
  • The appearance of a hookah base with dirty water will be repulsive and alarming. It will not please you or your friends or surroundings.
  1. If the hookah does not have a molasses catcher, particles of  shisha tobacco and syrup can get into the water. This will make the water sour, the taste will be ruined, and the smoke will not be well purified.
  2. The water in the hookah base will no longer be cool, so the purification of the smoke will deteriorate, and the taste will reveal even worse. All this is multiplied by additional unpleasant flavors and aromas, as a consequence - the hookah is ruined.

We think that these reasons are enough to explain why it is necessary to change the water in the hookah. In extreme cases, when it is impossible to change the water (for example, when you went on a picnic, and you took water for prepare one waterpipe, and you want to smoke two), it is possible to find alternative solutions. About them - below.

 Is it possible to smoke hookah without changing the water?

Of course you can. Will this hookah taste good? Will the smoke clear well? Will the thick smoke give you pleasure? Not likely. But this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to smoke hookah without changing the water. It is worth doing it if you have the opportunity, if you want to enjoy a great taste. In addition, in addition to changing the water, you need to rinse the shaft, the hose and other parts of the hookah before the next puffing.

But what to do if there is no way to change the water? Will the taste be so ruined that the hookah will not give any pleasure, but only disappointment? Not if you take the right approach.

Smoking hookah without changing the water is possible only in extreme cases. For example, as in the situation described above. You have arrived in the countryside, you have enough water for one hookah base, but you want to smoke two or three waterpipes. What to do in this case?

The first thing to do is to cool the waterpipe after smoking. There is no need to re-hook and smoke hot smoke. You can put it in the river, pour water on it. Another way is to soak napkins or towels and wrap the hookah. The main thing is to cool the hookah in any way.

The same should be done with the water in the hookah base. The colder it is, the cleaner the taste will be. In the water itself inside you can add lemon, berries, any drink, including alcohol. But in small quantities. The goal is to break up the spoiled taste of the water. This will allow you to smoke hookah again on the same water. But to practice this, we do not recommend it. These are extreme ways. Agree, it is much easier to take a supply of water with you to change it.

Enjoy the clean taste of hookah, use quality devices and good shisha tobacco. Buy a hookah you can in our online store Choose models and smoke with pleasure.



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