The best places to smoke hookah: where you can smoke your own hookah?

The best places to smoke hookah: where you can smoke your own hookah?

What you need to know before you smoke you own hookah anywhere?

When you leave an apartment with a hookah, you are leaving private property. Some of the places described below may be public places. Consequently, the custody of the law can issue a fine for smoking in a public place. Therefore, when going to unusual places, where you will get a lot of pleasure from enjoying thick smoke, it is worth to understand your responsibility and be prepared for certain difficulties.

That said, if the law enforcement officers approached you, there's no need to bicker with them. Apologize and tell them that you will remove everything now. In most cases, they will not write fines. It is also worth understanding that you may interfere with those around you. Often it is this factor that is problematic and leads to a call to the police. To avoid this, choose areas where there are no people or you will not disturb anyone.

Before you go smoking hookah outside the house, it is worth taking care about where to get water for the hookah base and how to light the coals. Water, of course, is worth taking with you, and for coals you need a gas burner. In most cases, the problems do not arise from the fact of smoking hookah, but from igniting the coals on an open fire.

Providing all the nuances, the vacation will be wonderful and eventful. Do you want to enjoy smoking waterpipe outside the house? Choose the best places and discover new sensations.

The best places to smoke hookah: where you can smoke your own hookah?

The best places to smoke hookah

So you've decided to go out and smoke hookah. But where exactly? We won't talk about specific places, because they are different in every city. But you can find a suitable location, based on our recommendations. In addition, we will tell you about the peculiarities of each location.


Smoking hookah in the woods is a pleasure. You can find a great clearing, but don't go to the park. This is a public place, where, as a rule, there are also a lot of people. Therefore, difficulties and problems may arise. But it is quite possible to go to a small forest or plantation.

The peculiarity of such a location is a great place for those who love nature. But there are nuances. Very carefully you need to kindle coals, and in no case leave them just on the open ground after smoking. Be sure to fill them with water and bury them. The woods can be full of ticks and other insects, which will annoy you. Therefore, it is worth taking sprays and other protection with you. You should not sit in the woods until dark. Have you ever been in the woods at night? Not the most welcoming place. Otherwise, it's a great location to spend time with thick smoke.

The Beach

The beach is considered a public place, so smoking hookah on it is quite difficult. But you can still swim, have fun with friends, and spend time with a thick smoke. Therefore, it is a sin to overlook such a location. Here are some useful tips that will allow you to smoke hookah on the beach:

  • you can go in the evening, when most people, especially those with children, will have already left the area;
  • put the hookah in the water, and the smoke will be cool and you can be like a seal in the water;
  • if you smoke during the day, find a place not in the center of the beach, but somewhere remote in the shade so you are out of sight of children and their mothers;
  • you can bury the hookah base in the wet sand, then the smoke will stay cool for a long time.

When choosing a beach, take care not to disturb anyone. Then there won't be any problems.

The best places to smoke hookah: where you can smoke your own hookah?


Any body of water is a great location to spend time with a hookah. You don't have to swim, you can go to a river or lake in the spring or fall. If you like fishing, a great opportunity to combine the two activities. You can go out for a picnic, roast a shish kebab and make a delicious hookah on the bank of the river.

There is no problem with the body of water, it's a good place, for sure there are a couple of bodies of water nearby in your city that you can visit with hookah. Remember that the river is cool, it's good in the summer, but in the fall you can freeze. Take this into account when getting to the river. You should also remember that you have to take water for hookah with you, it's not the best idea to take water from the lake.

High-rise building

High-rise buildings can help you discover good views, immerse yourself in your thoughts, and enjoy the taste of hookah and freedom. In the cities there are probably a couple of buildings that you can climb. I mean on the roof. By the way, in many cities such locations are official, so you can safely use them. In other cases it is a violation of the law.

It is worth remembering that a high-rise building is a potential danger. So that smoking hookah and watching the night city from a high-rise does not turn into a tragedy, it is necessary to take care of safety precautions. Be careful. It is better to go up to the high-rise at night, when the lights of the city at night offer magnificent views.

The best places to smoke hookah: where you can smoke your own hookah?


Every hilltop gives you a sea of emotion. Check the maps to see if there are any uplands around where you live. It can be large mountains, small mounds, or just quarries. Smoking hookah on a hill will give a lot of emotions. But it is worth preparing for such a recreation.

Firstly, it may be unsafe, you must follow the rules of conduct. Secondly, at higher elevations often a strong wind. If you do not want to smoke soot instead of shisha tobacco, and change coals every 20 minutes, you need to take care of protection from the wind in advance. A hookah wind cover will help in this. In our online store you can buy devices that will save you from strong winds and help keep the heat. Going to the high ground, it is necessary to take such a hookah wind cover.

Industrial buildings

Any industrial buildings are breathtaking and add vivid emotions to the process of hookah smoking. See where you can go in your city to massive buildings and unique architectural structures. Perhaps there is a castle or ruined fortress nearby. Maybe there are windmills, old mansions, or just Gothic buildings nearby.

The industrial buildings will allow you to take some cool photos, and being in this place is particularly energizing. Just think, it was done by human hands. A ruined building once hosted hundreds of guests, and a huge windmill provides electricity to half of the city. Smoking hookah in such a place is a pleasure. There is always something to talk about.


Extreme places for hookah smoking

If you've tried the various places where you can smoke hookah and you've had enough of them, there's a unique solution for you - extreme locations. This doesn't mean health risks, but simply places where hookah seems to be inappropriate at all. Here are a few examples:

  • Boat or Catamaran. Rent a catamaran or take a boat, go down the river or to the middle of the lake and enjoy a hookah. Imagine you are on an expensive yacht. By the way, a yacht will also do for such a vacation.
  • Hammock. The hookah itself is not necessary to put on the hammock, but you can comfortably sit on it and enjoy the thick smoke lying down.
  • Swing. Be careful, you may get seasick. But it is an interesting solution that will allow you to get new emotions and have fun.
  • Abandoned rails. A great place for photo shoots and hookah smoking. Just make sure that the train will not pass through them.
  • Hot air balloon. Of course you'll have to negotiate with the owner of the hot air balloon to let him take the hookah on "board", but if you agree, the sea of emotions is guaranteed.

Think about what other places you can visit and smoke hookah, where it would seem impossible to do so. It is worth remembering about the rules of being in public places, take care about safety. Solve the question of where to light embers, where to put them afterwards, in what to transport hookah. At our online hookah store you can find everything you need to smoke hookah in an unusual place. Choose the goods, make an order and enjoy the thick smoke in the most unpredictable places.

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