Unusual ways to make hookah

Unusual ways to make hookah

If you smoke hookah not too often, say, once a week, or even less often, then making the most ordinary hookah is certainly a joy and a sea of emotions. But there will come a moment when it will get "boring" and you will want something new. And what about those who like to smoke waterpipe much more often? Sooner or later one wants new sensations and to try new emotions. Preparing hookah in unusual ways just gives that feeling and allows you to experience vivid emotions, to experience new flavors and to surprise yourself and your friends. This is the main task that the process of making unusual hookahs performs. But also for the lover of thick smoke, an unusual hookah gives something else. It is an experience. The experience of preparing with unusual ingredients, the experience of making new flavors and creating entirely new recipes. It is comparable to alchemy and even magic. The whole process becomes mysterious. By mixing very understandable ingredients, one manages to get a highly unusual look, taste, and feel. Isn't it magic? That's why making unusual hookahs gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Unusual ways to make hookah

How to make an unusual hookah: the best ways

  We should note right away that you do not need dragon scales, whale eyes, or even wild fruits from a desert island. Everything is quite primitive and available to everyone. It is an opportunity to combine ordinary components with a hookah and achieve a unique result. We have prepared several interesting and unusual ways to make hookah. Try them and choose for yourself the most suitable.

Hookah with a vegetable bowl

Hookah on a fruit bowl is probably familiar to everyone by now. That's why we excluded it from the list of unusual preparing methods. But vegetable hookah bowls are something new. By the way, they are prepared according to the same principle. It is not difficult, it is important to have the right tools and take your time. It is also important to choose the right vegetables. For preparing a vegetable bowl, a fruit that does not release too much juice, has a dense texture and does not have a pronounced flavor will be suitable. Hookah on a vegetable bowl can be made from the following vegetables:

  • beets;
  • potatoes;
  • bell peppers;
  • radish;
  • carrot;
  • cucumber;
  • pumpkin.

These vegetables are ideal for making hookah, they are easy to work with, they do not disintegrate when smoked and give an additional light pleasant flavor. However, there are some vegetables that should not be taken. They are tomato, cabbage, onion, zucchini. Some have a lot of juice, like zucchini, while others give an aggressive flavor, like onions. So choose from the above list. The fruit should be well washed and dried, without damage. The size should be chosen for the hookah. Strongly large is not suitable, it will not hold well. Small is also not very good in use, it is more difficult to work with it. Make a hookah bowl using a kitchen knife, core knife, toothpicks. Use foil, you can put a kaloud. The important thing is to choose the right shisha tobaccos. Not all flavors are appropriate. For example, sweet flavors do not go well with vegetables. Ideally, use fresh berry flavors like watermelon, cherry, wild berries, blueberries. You can also use lemon, mint, grapefruit. Many "cold" flavors with the addition of menthol will do. Try it and you will get an incredible pleasure from both the look of the hookah and the taste.

Hookah with ice cream

Hookah on ice cream is perfect for summer. It gives incredible fresh sensations and a pleasant creamy taste in the thick smoke. All you need to do is to prepare the right hookah and to serve it. Everything is important here - from the choice of shisha tobacco to serving drinks to hookah. So, hookah on ice is made as follows:

  1. In the hookah base you should add some water and there pour cold milk in the amount of 150 ml. It should not be too greasy. Also in the hookah base are added pieces of ice cream. It is best to use the usual white ice cream. And if you want additives, put fresh fruit. You will need 200-300g of ice cream. Cut it into large chunks.
  2. Fill a hookah base with cool water to the desired volume. Ideally add ice, so that the ice cream stays dense as long as possible. This is why it is recommended to fill the base when the shisha tobacco is clogged and the coals are warmed up.
  3. You can put waffles, or just fresh mint leaves on the hookah tray for decoration. It looks very attractive.
  4. It is important what will be in the hookah bowl. Hookah on ice cream has a bright creamy flavor and coolness. Therefore, and the shisha tobacco should be appropriate. You can put flavors like "pistachio ice cream", "watermelon, melon and ice", any berry fresh flavors. Ice shisha tobacco will always work, even if it's sweet. If you have mint in it, that's fine. The main thing is not to make it sugary since the ice cream itself will have a light sugary flavor, which must be diluted with freshness.
  5. The serving of the hookah will also be important. We recommend that the guests drink a milkshake, or an iced tea. But not carbonated drinks. Also not out of place would be a dessert in the form of pancakes with ice cream, or just ice cream with fruit.

You will end up with a very tasty hookah with a bright creamy flavor. The slower the ice cream melts in the hookah base, the longer the creamy aftertaste will last. The smoke will become softer and richer. Very cool looks hookah with lighting.

 Unusual ways to make hookah

Hookah with hot drinks

Hot drinks in a hookah base is a new kind of pleasure. Not everyone will like this kind of hookah, but if it is properly prepared, even beginners will be surprised and delighted by the taste. As the hot drinks we offer to use three to choose from: tea, coffee and mulled wine. It is not difficult to prepare such a hookah, but it is important to follow the technology. Let us look at the example of tea. The drink should be brewed separately. Let the tea infuse and cool to a temperature of 80-85 degrees. In other words, let it brew for 7-10 minutes. It should not be too strong, otherwise the tartness will be transferred to the smoke. You need to add quite a bit of hot drink to the hookah base, and warm it well by stirring the liquid on the inside of the base. Next, using a spoon or a knife blade, you should pour the remaining liquid into the base. If you use coffee, you do not need to pour the "cake" - the leftovers, they will clog the tube during the brewing. In addition, you only need 150-200 ml of coffee, otherwise the hookah will be bitter. It is also better to pour the mulled wine separately, and for decoration add cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange slices. Assemble the hookah and score the shisha tobacco. By the way, any shisha tobacco will do, because even the most familiar flavors unfold inside the hookah base with hot drinks. But menthol flavors will be felt best. Allow the hookah bowl to warm up and start smoking. Take slow draws, or you may cough up when you first try to smoke a hot hookah. The sensation is unbelievable.

Hookah with carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages are not the best choice for making hookahs, but if you want an unusual way to make them, use them. Especially since soda has a unique and interesting flavor that complements the main flavor of  shisha tobacco. But it is necessary to prepare hookah correctly, here are a few recommendations:

  • Beforehand, you need to cool the drink well. Keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before adding it to the hookah base. And also prepare ice, you will also need it.
  • Open the drink, and let the gases partially escape. Next, fill half the glass with the drink and close the bottle. What's in the glass you can drink. At this time you should shake the bottle slightly and open it, so that some of the gases leave the drink.
  • Add 200-500 ml of water to the hookah base, depending on the volume. It should be about 30-40%. Fill the rest of the volume with the drink. But leave 5-10% for ice. It, in fact, should also be added to the hookah base.
  • To make the drink not too bubbly while smoking, add 2-3 slices of lemon inside. You can use a slice of orange.
  • Pour the tobacco into the hookah bowl and make a hookah. The flavor should be selected according to the drink. Lemon, orange, cherry, apricot, peach, lime go well with Coke. With Sprite you can add mango, pineapple, coconut and any tropical fruits. Pick your shisha tobaccos to your liking and enjoy.

There will still be gases in the hookah base, and they will create an interesting sensation. The main thing is to let some of the gases come out, otherwise water will get into the pipe. When properly prepared, the hookah on carbonated beverages turns out very interesting and unusual.

Unusual ways to make hookah

Hookah with spices

Spices always give any dish an unusual flavor. So why is hookah an exception? Let's make hookah with spices. You will get an interesting taste. But here, as well as in cooking, it is important to observe harmony, otherwise you can spoil. In the hookah base it is safely possible to add such spices: cinnamon, cloves, nuts, ginger, cardamom. Also perfectly combines with hookah vanilla, oregano. For those who like really unusual flavors, you can safely add Jamaican allspice or any other pepper in a hookah base. In addition, spices can be added not just to the base, but also to the hookah bowl with tobacco itself. It is important to do this correctly. If you put the spices on top of the shisha tobacco, from the high heat they will start to burn and ruin the taste. But if you put it to the bottom of the bowl and then add tobacco on top, the flavor of spices will unfold when heated, but the tobacco leaves will protect against overheating. You can add paprika, curry, grated nutmeg, turmeric and cayenne pepper to the hookah bowl. Naturally, in very small quantities. Try hookahs with spices and experience new flavors. Only it is worth remembering that you need to add them very carefully, in small quantities. If you feel that you have not added enough spices, it is time to stop. Even 1-2 peas in a hookah base after 20-30 minutes of smoking so open that they can overpower the flavor of shisha tobacco, if the taste is not too rich. But a hookah on spices is a real alchemy.

Hookah with herbs

As with spices, there are many herbs that can be added to a hookah. Naturally, we are talking about spices and additives, not illegal substances. First of all, it is the traditional mint. Mint leaves added to the hookah base are great for refreshing and adding subtle notes. But that's not all the possibilities of herbal hookahs. Feel free to add tarragon. Allow the water in the hookah base to infuse for 10-15 minutes before smoking, and it will begin to take on a slight green hue. The liquid itself will become similar in taste to the famous drink. But you don't need to drink it, it's enough that the smoke will absorb light notes of tarragon. You can also use green basil, which gives an incredible flavor. Add 7-10 leaves to water, and you can create a nice summer hookah. You can add sorrel or arugula leaves for decoration and just for a refreshing taste. They will not give a special flavor, but there will be a sense of lightness of smoke. To make the flavor of the smoke "New Year", it is enough to put a small sprig of juniper. But you should not use pine or fir trees. They release a large amount of resin, and this can harm the taste. As a last resort, you can use branches of thuja. Rose petals in a hookah base will not only make a beautiful hookah, but also give a light floral aroma to the smoke. You can also spread the scent of the rose by adding the petals to the hookah tray. You can add sprigs of sage, chamomile flowers, tulip or peony petals to the hookah base. All of them will give an incredible look to the hookah, as well as diversify the flavor, making it unusual.


There are quite a few ways to make an unusual hookah. We told you not the most trivial ones, try them and discover new sensations. The main thing to remember is that in everything there must be a measure. In order not to spoil the taste of the hookah, the mood and impressions, add new components carefully, in the right amount. It is also worth remembering about the combination of flavors. When adding rose petals to the hookah base, remember that not all flavors are combined with floral ones. But vanilla in a hookah bowl, milk flavors, chocolate flavors or citrus flavors will work great. Experiment, discover new ways to smoke hookah and please yourself and your friends with a good taste.

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