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Adalya ATH Chanerwa Serhos Hookah

Adalya ATH Chanerwa Serhos Hookah

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The ATH Charnewa Serhos Hookah is a four-hose pipe made of stainless steel. This hookah is very useful for large groups, as four hoses make it super easy to share.
This hookah is made of stainless steel and therefore is rust-free and corrosion-resistant. All ATH hookahs come with a diffuser so that you can enjoy a more quiet smoking session.


• Ashtray diameter: 19 cm
• Glass base height: 25 cm
• Total height(without hookah bowl): 54 cm

Included Accessories

- Stem
- Glass base with a closed chamber system
- 1 mouthpiece (aluminum)
- 1 silicone Hose
- 4 hose adapters
- Diffuser
- Ashtray

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