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Adalya ATH T-Steel Hatemi Hookah

Adalya ATH T-Steel Hatemi Hookah

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ATH T-Steel hookahs from Adalya are growing in popularity due to their exceptional quality and smoking characteristics. In the design of these hookahs, Adalya combined traditional Turkish shisha pipe style with a touch of modern trends.

This hookah is made of stainless steel and therefore is rust-free and corrosion-resistant. All ATH hookahs come with a diffuser so that you can enjoy a more quiet smoking session.


• Ashtray diameter: 19 cm
• Glass base height: 27 cm
• Total height(without hookah bowl): 57 cm

Included Accessories

- Stem
- Glass base with a closed chamber system
- Mouthpiece (aluminum)
- Hose adapter
- Diffuser
- Ashtray
- Grommet for hookah bowl

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