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Adalya Grape

Adalya Grape

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Dive into a world of pure, luscious flavor with Adalya's Grape Hookah Shisha Tobacco. Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed vineyards of the Mediterranean, Adalya masterfully captures the essence of succulent grapes in this exquisitely crafted blend.

From the moment you open the pouch, you're greeted by a rich aroma that speaks of ripe vineyards and summer breezes. The taste? A full-bodied grape experience: sweet yet with a hint of tartness, perfectly mirroring the natural complexity of the fruit. Each inhale brings forth the juicy freshness of grapes, while the exhale leaves a lingering, velvety aftertaste that beckons for more.

Crafted with the highest-grade Virginia tobacco leaves and bathed in premium molasses, this shisha ensures a long-lasting, even burn. Its exceptional cloud production elevates your smoking session, making it as visually delightful as it is palatably divine.

Whether you're looking to relive a cherished memory of a vineyard visit or simply wish to indulge in a timeless fruity flavor, Adalya Grape is your ticket to a hookah session steeped in authenticity and luxury. Allow the swirls of grape-infused smoke to dance around you, and be transported to a moment of sheer relaxation and indulgence.


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